Popping the Bubble: New Blister Prevention and Treatment

img_8029Disclaimer: I received KT Tape Blister Products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race reviews!

When it comes to training in the summer, you cannot escape certain things. This includes the heat, humidity, and everything you use being moist – especially your socks and shoes. Training in Miami during the summer months means having ponds of sweat in my shoes. Yes, maybe TMI, but we are all runners here. For me, that moisture is a breeding ground from blisters and raw spots on my feet.

The good thing is the folks over at KT Tape have you covered. Not only do they make great products for injury recovery and prevention, they have added Blister Prevention and Blister Treatment to their arsenal. And just like their other products that I use regularly, the Blister Prevention and Treatment work great.

img_8174KT Tape Performance Blister Prevention is designed to prevent blisters, chafing, and hot spot formation. It is durable and flexible – moving with you and not inhibiting the natural flow of your body. I use a strip on the back of my ankle to prevent the nagging blister caused by the shoe and sock rubbing. It easily conforms to your skin and is thin – minimizing friction.

While I was focusing more on the back of my ankle as I was testing the Blister Prevention, I developed a hot spot on the outside of my right foot, right along the ball. I simply put the Blister Treatment Patch, and left it for a few days. It will last up to 7 days, but I only used it for three. The Blister Treatment Patch provides 2X faster healing than traditional bandages. Although I have never timed previous healing times, this one seemed quicker than usual. The Blister Patch has a complete waterproof seal, eases pain and reduces scarring.

img_8161Not only can you use the patch on blisters and hot spots, but also minor cuts and chafed areas.

Whether you develop blisters occasionally, only during the summer, or often – the KT Tape Blister Prevention and Treatment is a great tool to add to your running gear. You can never be too cautious on the road especially when it comes blisters and chafing.

For a limited time you can get 30% off your order at kttape.com with code BIBRAVE30.

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