Content is king! And, a lot of it is coming.

img_8424A few people have asked this week: Why haven’t you had a blog post lately. I thought to myself two things: 1. People are actually paying attention to my blog. 2. It hasn’t been that long.

After looking, it actually has been that long – over 75 days long. My bad! The truth is life has been going at full speed. Along with being a writer by profession, and working on two books, I haven’t been thinking about writing any more than I already am. Add in 1st grade math and English homework, having the 3 yr. old in ballet, getting ready to coach soccer, and training for a full fall/winter race season – time is rushing by.

Enough of the pity party though, as keeping this blog going needs to be high on the list. So let’s catch-up in the past couple months, which means explain the paragraph above and give you all some great discount codes.

A lot of great projects at work are finishing up included seven different videos. Four of them are commercials that will begin airing in the next month or so. This doesn’t include writing three radio commercials, deploying several direct mail pieces, and five industry reports over 3,000 words each. Simultaneously, I’m working on two totally different books. One for soon-to-be dads called “Oh Shit She’s Pregnant.” The reason behind this is all expecting dad books on the market try to scare the shit out of you talking only about finances and saying that you will have no money ever again. THAT IS NOT TRUE, and “Oh Shit She’s Pregnant” explains why. The second is a series for kids that teaches them to identify and read the 300 most frequent words used in the English language and includes important lessons – something I feel is absent from newer children’s books.

img_8456On the running side of things, the fall season is here and the calendar is full. I had a great race during the King of the Hill Challenge in Davie, Fl. over Labor Day weekend. Just realized I need to post my review on be sure to check that out. I’m running my first virtual race in the next couple weeks, and my male husky Rex (I’m holding Xena in the photo, Rex is on the right) will be joining me. That race is the Doo Good virtual run put on by the Scooby Doo Run Series. They also have a Halloween Scoobtober virtual run in October that I am participating in as well. You can register for these races and save 10% with the code BIBRAVE.

I’ve also registered for a couple local races including Run Wild 5K at ZooMiami on October 6 and our local Turkey Trot 10K. Everything culminates with the Fitbit Miami Marathon in January. You can join me at the Miami Marathon and save $10 off registration with code BIBRAVE19.

img_8498Another exciting thing during training is BUFF® just relaunched its Original head wear, and I’m getting to test it out. I’ve always run with BUFF® head wear on my head. In the Miami heat, it keeps sweat out of my eyes, protects my scalp, and is comfortable. All the new colors they’ve released are awesome, and I’m stoked with the new reflective colors, especially since I train at night.  I’ll be posting a review in the next few weeks about this – stay tuned.

Now that it is on paper, there has been a lot going on. But, it is good to sit down, relax, and reflect on it. Thankfully there are many great people in the running community on Twitter that continue to inspire me to be better every day – not just as a runner, but in every aspect of my life. Get ready for a lot of content in many different forms. It’s coming.

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Fitbit Miami Marathon and Scooby Doo Virtual Run, as well as free BUFF Headwear as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


One thought on “Content is king! And, a lot of it is coming.

  1. Sounds like some very cool stuff going on for you, Mike! Extra cool is the dad to be book that doesn’t scare future fathers, great idea for a book! Wish it wouldv’e been around 3 years ago, ha! I also have a 3 year old who has just started ballet, life is a big fluff of pink tulle for me right now.

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