This running stuff is for the dogs

My wife has always pushed me to take our dogs running when I do shorter distances – 4 miles or below. I’m always hesitant because I’m training for marathons or halfs, and when I do shorter distances it’s usually speed work. I also am OCD and hate when things are not structured or go the way I plan. When running with a dog that means frequent potty or sniff breaks.

Because I’m a smart husband, I do what my wife asks. Happy wife happy life right? Don’t worry she doesn’t read my blog. Heck, I wrote for a newspaper for 15 years, and I doubt she read one of my articles. If I don’t post after this, that means she actually read this blog and I’m in the dog house.

In keeping with my wife’s wishes, I take Rex our two-year old male husky for a run once a week. Mostly to tire him out, but he’s built endurance and it gets him hyper. I haven’t been able to take Xena – our 10-year old female husky – out for longer than a mile since she injured her hind leg.

Things changed recently when the Scooby Doo Run Series came out with its first virtual run the Doo Good 5K in September. Now, I’ve never done a virtual run before either – so we’re talking about running with the dogs and a virtual race all in one.

The training went awesome. After a week of getting Rex to learn commands like come, side, slow, and mush – yes I taught him mush…. he is a husky – his sniff and pee breaks were infrequent and he stopped chasing cats or paying attention to other dogs. It was good quality time we were spending together too.

He even gets excited for our runs. He knows when I have a certain shirt or my Buff on to go to the closet and wait for his harness. As we trained all of September, he was ready for race day Sept. 30.

He did great running. The best thing was turning the final corner and he reaction when he saw Peyton and Gavin at the finish line. He picked up speed and finished strong.

Even better is that he is doing it again this month with the Scoobtober race. And you and your pup can join him. Save 10% off registration with the code BIBRAVE.

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Scooby Doo Run Series Doo Good 5K and Scoobtober Virtual Runs as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


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