Overcoming Death on a Run

runningHave you ever been in a groove on a run only to have it jolted in an instant? You’re hitting your pace, your stride, your cadence, everything is clicking. Then POW something smacks you hard. How do you recover? How do you get back in that groove?

I experienced this on my run this morning and can’t seem to shake it. Hence, why I’m posting about it both for knowledge, to share my experience and hear what the worst thing to derail your run is (outside of running related injuries, chafing, etc.).

I was feeling good a mile into my route. I was running on a paved path between a residential street and a canal. It’s my usual morning run route. It’s dark, but I know where every crack, bump, crevice and obstacle are. I’m breathing normal, mouth open. Just as I inhale there is something dead on the side of the road. The smell of death was so bad I could taste it.

I tried to power through, but started coughing and gagged. Whatever it was, the smell was putrid. I stopped, paused my watch and tried to gather myself. The three women who I see every morning on the path stopped and asked if I was OK. I warned them of what they were walking into. They said it was a dead duck they got hit with the smell yesterday. They were smart and had brought towels to cover their mouths and nose as they passed the spot.

The biggest issue next was I had to get home, and get in my miles somehow. Since it is a residential area, I adjusted my route to get home a different way. I wasn’t sure what the mileage would be, and had to be cautious with the sidewalks because there were some new bumps and cracks I wasn’t ready for. While I trotted through the next two miles I got home about .3 of a mile short of my goal distance. So, I took a lap around the block, which added an extra half mile on to the run. Rather go longer than shorter.

I never got into my groove again, but the good thing is I got the run done and was able to overcome the adversity.

Now my question to you: What non-running related thing has derailed your training run? How did you pull through it? What’s the worst thing you’ve smelled/tasted on a run?


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