DYK: Your Treadmill Can Do This

img_9491Disclaimer: I received a Zwift Foot Pod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race reviews!

You walk into a gym and they are lined up nice and neat. Depending what hour you go people are pounding away on them, or you may not have to wait to use one. At home, one may have clothes hanging from it, or stuff piled on it.

Yes, it’s a treadmill. Or as many runners affectionately call it – The Dreadmill.

Whether it is running in the same place for miles, staring at the same thing for 40+ minutes, or just not having the feel of being outside, there are many reasons why people do not like to use treadmills. However, during training cycles, weather, time, and availability force many to use them.

Thankfully, the folks over at Zwift have created an innovative way to make running on treadmills fun again. In fact, a tiny square that you put on your shoe, combined with a phone app, turn a treadmill into virtual roads around the world.

img_9395-1Imagine looking outside in Wisconsin during the winter and there is a blizzard, but you are able to run a route along a volcano. Or running on the same roads as the London Marathon. Because of Zwift it is a reality.

Through its functionality, Zwift allows you to virtually run on any road whether by yourself or in a group run. In December, the BibRave Pros held a group run, where we were able to chat, compete, and enjoy the largest BibRave group run in history.  Zwift also boasts structured workouts to change up your treadmill run. You get to discover the fantasy island of Watopia, explore routes inspired by central London and Richmond, Virginia, run through a jungle and improve speed through the countryside.

Zwift’s coaches customize workouts just for you. Programs are tailored to your fitness level and are easy to follow – making training on a treadmill fun. Zwift also connects with Strava and Garmin Connedct so you can find your friends who are using the device and run with them.

img_9490If you run on treadmills, the Zwift foot pod is an accessory that needs to be in your gym bag. No more staring at the wall for hours or skipping workouts because you don’t like the treadmill. Hang your clothes in your closet, lace up your shoes, click on your foot pod, and go for a run. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other out there.

For a limited time, you can save 15% on a Zwift foot pod with code BibRave15. This code is only good for the first 1,000 pods sold, so get yours today.

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