Do Yourself a Favor, Quit Using Buzzwords

It’s difficult to get through a day without hearing or reading a buzzword. People use them ad nauseam thinking their audience will either pay more attention, they can attract more prospects, or it sounds better than what it really is. Problem is buzzwords have the exact opposite effect, and send your audience to a land far, far away. Let’s face it: When you said you … Continue reading Do Yourself a Favor, Quit Using Buzzwords

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How to Use Nutrition to Boost Your Recovery

Endurance athletes such as runners, cyclists, swimmers and multisport athletes all like to push their bodies to the limit. How well you recover from a single workout or a full week determines the amount of quality training you can do. And, quality training is what athletes need to reach peak performance for races. When executed properly, recover gives you the power needed to compete, makes … Continue reading How to Use Nutrition to Boost Your Recovery

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Making Yourself Uncomfortable

Comfortable – (adj.) providing physical ease and relaxation. Comfortable is excellent when it comes to clothing, your favorite recliner, or your bed. But, when it comes to you’re your training, your work, anything that isn’t clothing or furniture, you are best when you’re uncomfortable. Comfort breeds complacency. It keeps us in a steady state without growth. And, sometimes can lead to declines. In running, or … Continue reading Making Yourself Uncomfortable