Chorizo tortilla with poblano

Chorizo Spanish Tortilla

Looking to change up breakfast? Or, to wow friends and family with a delicious brunch dish. This Chorizo Spanish Tortilla is packed with flavor and is sure to impress. Let’s get cooking.


8 oz ground chorizo

2 red or 1 gold potato cubed

1 medium yellow onion diced

2 cloves of garlic minced

1 small poblano pepper diced

8 eggs

¼ cup heavy cream (milk will do)

2 handfuls of shredded cheese

Salt & pepper

Standard starter (butter, oil, ghee, lard, etc)

Let’s Get to Work

Chorizo sautéing with veggies
  1. Cube and boil potatoes for about 20 minutes until tender. When done, drain and put in a big bowl.
  2. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  3. Put a medium-size saute pan on the stove, medium-high heat. Add your standard starter. Once the pan is hot (don’t start cooking on a cold pan) add the onions, garlic, and poblano. Saute for 4 minutes.
  4. Add the chorizo to the pan. Break it apart with a spoon and combine with the veggies. Let cook for 10 minutes stirring occasionally.
  5. Add chorizo and veggies to the bowl with the potatoes. Mix everything together adding salt & pepper.
  6. Crack the eggs in to a mixing bowl and add the cream (or milk). Whisk together.
  7. Put the chorizo and potato mixture into a 12” oven-safe pan. Pour the egg mixture over it. Bake for 12 minutes.
  8. Sprinkle cheese over the tortilla and bake until cheese is melted.
  9. Serve and enjoy.
Chorizo tortilla with poblano

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