Don’t Get Stuck In Your Ways

We are creatures of habit. We get caught in routines that we let determine what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. These habits and routines are with us from early in our lives. We say: “It’s how I’ve always done it” or “that’s the way I learned.” These habits are comfortable, and are “our ways”

But too often, when it comes to progress, we let our ways get in our way.

You cannot get better, faster, and stronger, by doing the same thing over and over again. For example, if you have the same 4 runs per week of the same mileage and same pace, you are not going to get faster. In fact you will get bored or slower. If you want to become faster and see gains, you need to switch it up. You can run those same miles, but you need to pick up the pace every two weeks. Or you change your routes, and up your pace. Better yet, you find someone or a group of people to push you out of your own way and make you better, faster, stronger.

The problem with getting stuck in our routines and habits is we not only get comfortable, we get lazy. And lazy, is like someone throwing a stick in our bicycle spokes. In running, as soon as you get lazy your form becomes poor, your breathing is out of rhythm, and you risk injury.

This doesn’t just pertain to running, it encompasses every facet of your training. It’s your nutrition and fueling, your recovery, your home life, and even work. We get so stuck in our routines that we are holding ourselves back from greatness. Think about when you are choosing a place to go eat. You say you want to go somewhere new, but more often than not you choose one of the same four places. Why? It is reliable and routine.

Same thing with your fitness. It is why you run the same routes all the time. Do the same exact strength workout. It is comfortable and in some cases it is easy to just get done. Remember that saying “if it were easy anyone would do it.” Of course we want something easy and some days it is good to have an easy run, but if you want to get better you have to push yourself.

Training Log

Have a grind-it-out week, coming down to the wire for the Marine Corps Marathon virtual race on October 25.

Monday: 4 miles easy + strides

Tuesday: 8 miles tempo

Wednesday: AM Core & Stretch; PM recovery ride

Thursday: 8 miles intervals

Friday: Recovery ride + stretch

Saturday: 14 mile long run with group; stretch

Sunday: Yoga

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