Affiliates & Discount Codes

The brands I represent are more than just a good product. They are committed to endurance athletes, want to make the communities we work and play in better, and possess the same values I live my life by. I’m proud to represent the brands below, and believe you will love their products and brand too. Check them out if you haven’t already, get to know them, and save with the discount codes.

361° Running Shoes

Looking for reliable, comfortable running shoes that excel with performance? 361° and its wide range of shoes have a fit for everyone – support, racing, minimalist, trail. I use the Fantom, Pacer ST, and Strata models. Each fit my foot perfectly, are comfortable for long runs and speed training, and get the job done. If you want to check out a pair of 361° for yourself, you can get 20% off with this link or just using MDRUNNING at checkout.

FreshCap Mushrooms

Nutrition is just as an important part of your foundation as the work you put in. Fueling your body, helps with performance, recovery, and attitude. After doing a lot of research on nutrition, I found the power of mushrooms and the FreshCap Mushroom family. They take their fungi seriously from sustainably growing them, cultivating them, and pulling all the power from them. Whether combined in the Thrive 6 (my personal favorite) or on their own, mushrooms pack the boost you need for energy, recovery, immunity, focus, and more.

Save 10% using this link or by using the code MDRUNNING at checkout.

WeGrynd Athletics

Along this running journey I met Chris and Christine Walsh – two phenomenal people and runners. They created WeGrynd to give runners great running apparel that is by runners and for runners. WeGrynd shirts use materials including bamboo charcoal that when combined, create a fabric that is lightweight, soft, durable and moisture wicking with anti-bacterial qualities and UV protection. To check them our visit

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