How to Live a Wellness Lifestyle

Seven of the top 10 leading causes of death are preventable diseases. That is a sobering stat. Along with being on the top 10 cause of death list: Heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory issues, stroke, diabetes, influenza, and nephritis have a direct correlation with one thing – your lifestyle.

Let me say that again in fewer words.

Seven of the leading causes of death can be prevented by the way you live your life.

And, the crazy part of it is that you don’t have to make drastic changes. All you have to do is focus on wellness and the rest will come. You don’t have to be a vegan, gym rat, marathon runner, or bike 100 miles a week. You don’t have to give up beer and pizza, or drinks with friends. You can enjoy it in moderate amounts. You do have to exercise. But even with that 60 minutes, 5 days a week is all that is asked. That is 1/24 of a day, 5 days per week. Heck most people spend more time than that scrolling through social media stories, posts, and feeds.

Now that we have the time argument debunked, let’s talk about cost. Because everyone will say it is more expensive to buy healthy food like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and good water. But is it more expensive than being on blood pressure medication the rest of your life, insulin shots, heart surgery, dialysis, chemotherapy? What you pay now in wellness will reward you later in life.

Imagine if everyone (heck even the majority of people) live by a wellness model of medicine oppose to a diagnose and prescribe model. What’s wrong with the latter model? For starters, people don’t realize that by throwing over-the-counter or prescription drugs at an issue, you are just masking the ailment and tricking your body. Not treating, preventing, or rebuilding your natural fighting machine. Yes, your body is built to fight off just about anything if you don’t diminish those fighting mechanisms through your lifestyle.

You wouldn’t run into oncoming traffic on a freeway would you? Then why choose a lifestyle that is not based on wellness? Here are some things you can do to live a wellness lifestyle (and you don’t have to do them all. Start small and work in the others

  1. Drink more water – One of the easiest adjustments to make that is the best thing for us is drinking more water. Begin every day with a glass of water. Then you can have a coffee or tea if you want. Like Earth, our bodies are mostly water. Without it, our function diminishes – cells fight each other for the water that is in our bodies and that internal war is not a good thing because it takes them away from fighting foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria. At a minimum, you should drink half your weight in ounces per day. And, when you’re exercising you need to add an extra glass for every 60 minutes. This simple fix can have monumental effects in the long run. That is why it’s the top thing you can do.
  2. Get moving – We already touched on this one a bit. All you need is 60 minutes a day. Walk around the block, jog, ride bike, swim, mow the lawn. Get out there and move. Start slow and build yourself up.
  3. Eat whole foods – Whole foods are packed with so much power and fuel for our bodies. Whole foods provide the vitamins and minerals we need to live, fight of disease, and perform optimally. Moreover, it is best to get your vitamins and minerals from the natural source than through supplements. By eating nutrient dense whole foods, you will not be nutritionally starved like you are when full of heavily processed foods. Once you begin eating whole foods, then start looking at where these foods come from. For example, make sure they are not sprayed with cancer causing pesticides.
  4. Get your rest – Sleep is one of the most important tools in being well. Without the ability to recharge our body & recover, then our efforts of a wellness lifestyle will go by the wayside. Like with exercise, you need to make time to get the rest you need or your body cannot fight for you.
  5. Be positive – We can all get caught up in the angst and rhetoric that goes on around us. But, why not change the conversation, or just remove yourself from it. If it doesn’t make you happy or fit with your wellness lifestyle, then you don’t need it.

Living a wellness lifestyle is not difficult. Sure, there are some sacrifices, but that’s the same with anything else. The rewards far outweigh the converse.

Training Schedule

Monday – 4 miles easy + drills

Tuesday – 8 miles tempo pace

Wednesday – Recovery ride + full body strength

Thursday – 8 miles intervals

Friday – Core, stretch

Saturday – 17 miles

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