Putting in the Work to Reach Your Goals

Do you remember when your parents, teachers, and friends would tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to? They were telling you the truth. They may have left out some of the details about getting there and achieving those goals, but they are 100% right.

No matter what your goal is – a famous musician, run a 3-hour marathon, create your own brand, get rich, be an internet sensation, be the best parent ever, be an executive chef – you can achieve it. But, you have to put the work in. None of this will come overnight.

People ask all the time: how does _______ have so many followers or why is their podcast so successful or how do they have their own company and not me? Well it takes time, long hours, blood, sweat, tears, perseverance, grit, joy, exuberance, wins, loses, and fortitude.

Think about how much time every week you put into the job that brings income. It is 40-60 hours a week at least. That is probably the minimum amount of time people put into achieving their goals.

Take a marathon runner. They don’t just walk out the door with their shoes on and run a 3 hour marathon. It takes months of training, building a base, running short and long distances, speed work, strength exercises, core work, resting, nutrition, stretching.

Yes, the process can be long and arduous. There will be many highs and some lows along the way. But, it is the lessons you learn that make the success even greater.

Everything begins by finding your purpose. Why are you doing this? What is the goal and what does success look like? Have you built a success plan or business model? If you don’t hit success the first time, how can you take an objective look at what happened?

You can be the best cook in the world. And, all your family and friends can be pushing you to open your own restaurant. However, unless you open those doors with a business model, network your ass off, engage with your customers, build your brand, and know what your purpose is, those doors won’t be open for long. And, it’s not because you’re not a badass chef. It’s because success takes work and a helluva lot of pieces.

Second you must be authentic. Don’t be someone else or say “well they are doing good with this, let me do it too.” The results will not be the same. And, never play the comparison game.

Look at all the social media influencers out there. The top ones have created a brand that they work on 12-15 hours a day. Planning content, recording, editing, writing, networking, engaging with others, nurturing your brand, and building. It is their full time job. So, you can’t expect to be on that level if you only put in an hour a week, and three hours scrolling through other people’s feeds.

Imagine the hours musicians have put in since they first picked up an instrument. Learning the chords, beats, melodies. Then improvising, learning how to write music, hours per day of practice and recording so everything is perfect. Same goes for professional athletes.

Here’s the kicker: If they can do it you can too.

You can be great. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can achieve your goals.

One thought on “Putting in the Work to Reach Your Goals

  1. I think there’s another element of it, though: Some of us will put in a lot of time on something, realize it’s not for us, and drop it. I do think we humans have a range of gifts, of abilities. I could have, I suspect (with much pain), put in many hours to learn math. At best, I might’ve become competent. That’d be a major advance over my current relationship with math, but I don’t think I would ever have been gifted. Or even noticeably good. Languages came easily to me, though. Many hours there would’ve had a different result.

    What do you think?


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