Sweet Heat Cocoa Dry Rub

One of my favorite things about cooking is mixing and creating flavors. I’ve been digging this Sweet Heat Cocoa Rub that came about by tinkering with my longstanding BBQ rub. However, this one works great on fish (as pictured), roasted root vegies, and pork. I’ve sprinkled it dry and used it in marinades such as with soy sauce. I tripled the recipe below to make … Continue reading Sweet Heat Cocoa Dry Rub

Instant Pot Oxtail Stew (Rabo Encendido)

As promised, here is some new content that isn’t running, and straight from the kitchen. Also as promised, the recipe is first. Ingredients 2-3 pounds oxtail 1 medium yellow onion (chopped) 1 green pepper (chopped) 3 garlic cloves (minced) 1 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes (keep the juice) 1 small can tomato paste 1 pint stout beer (I use Guinness) 1 cup beef stock Few … Continue reading Instant Pot Oxtail Stew (Rabo Encendido)