How to Live a Wellness Lifestyle

Seven of the top 10 leading causes of death are preventable diseases. That is a sobering stat. Along with being on the top 10 cause of death list: Heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory issues, stroke, diabetes, influenza, and nephritis have a direct correlation with one thing – your lifestyle. Let me say that again in fewer words. Seven of the leading causes of death can … Continue reading How to Live a Wellness Lifestyle

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How to Use Nutrition to Boost Your Recovery

Endurance athletes such as runners, cyclists, swimmers and multisport athletes all like to push their bodies to the limit. How well you recover from a single workout or a full week determines the amount of quality training you can do. And, quality training is what athletes need to reach peak performance for races. When executed properly, recover gives you the power needed to compete, makes … Continue reading How to Use Nutrition to Boost Your Recovery

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Making Yourself Uncomfortable

Comfortable – (adj.) providing physical ease and relaxation. Comfortable is excellent when it comes to clothing, your favorite recliner, or your bed. But, when it comes to you’re your training, your work, anything that isn’t clothing or furniture, you are best when you’re uncomfortable. Comfort breeds complacency. It keeps us in a steady state without growth. And, sometimes can lead to declines. In running, or … Continue reading Making Yourself Uncomfortable

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Flexibility, Positive Outlook, & Sacrifice

It’s been a while, but the training hasn’t stopped. During this new normal we are all going through, sacrifices have been made on all parts. I’m not here to write another coronavirus post. I’m here to say, like everyone else we have been working through it and kicking asphalt. With two kids, a wife who is a nurse, and thankfully my job still in place, … Continue reading Flexibility, Positive Outlook, & Sacrifice